Multiple Protections For Less

Multifaceted Features and Functionalities:

  • Plug-N-Play Installs in Minutes
  • Easily Scalable and Expandable
  • Collaborative Protection
  • Ultra-Secure Video Privacy
  • One App System
  • Ecosystem Partners Integration
  • Home, Business, and Care

Multi-Location Management and Protection:

  • Multiple property protection under one account*
  • Manage multiple homes and businesses from a single mobile app
  • At-a-glance multi-location video streaming

We work with a UL-certified professional monitoring center to guard your home and provide a rapid response when an event occurs. These US-based monitoring experts have multiple industry certifications and are trained to act immediately when receiving alerts.

How it works

1. Notify
Once an alarm is triggered, the system will send video notification to the owner and authorized users. If the event-triggered recording is not opened by the owner or an authorized user in 60 seconds, the system will notify the monitoring center immediately.
2. Response
If no one on your list can be reached by the monitoring center, they will call the local authorities on your behalf.
3. Dispatch
Police dispatch for burglar alarms
Firefighter dispatch for smoke and CO alarms
Courtesy call for water and temperature alerts

Up to 10 concurrent users including owner


  • Controls system management
  • Assigns different tiers of users
  • Receives video push notifications
  • Receives event snapshots through email
  • Monitors live & recorded videos and remotely controls system and devices

Authorized Video Users

  • Receives video push notifications
  • Checks live & recorded video and remotely control system and devices
  • Simultaneous streaming with all video users

Up to 10 cameras provide live monitoring, event-triggered recording, archiving, playback and social sharing.

  • Video-verified event-triggered recording: Cameras start recording in response to an event, such as motion or any sensor activation.
  • Cloud storage: If the local storage is unavailable, the system will automatically store the event-triggered recordings to the cloud for up to 30 days.
  • Video backup: You can also backup your videos into the cloud via your personal Dropbox account.
  • Video report: export and report for incident evidence.

The system is easy to set up in minutes with no installer required. Additional sensors can be added by simply scanning the QR code with your Smartphone. You can add up to 100 devices in one system. Including Security, Safety, Care, Energy & Automation functions.

  • Security: Door + window sensors, motion sensors, sirens, keychain remotes, valuable tracking sensors
  • Safety: Water leak sensors, Fire + CO alarm sensors.
  • Care: Panic buttons, fall detectors, activity tracking app and sensors, medication tracking app and sensors, automatic medication dispensers, inactivity sensors.
  • Energy: Power plugs, Honeywell and Nest thermostats.
  • Automation: Garage door opener, Amazon Echo, Phillips Hue, Lockstate locks, IFTTT, etc.
All-Inclusive 66 ¢ / day / site No Contract