Video-Verified Security

• Video-Verified Alert
• Collaborative Protection
• Event Record, Share, Report
• Direct Local 1st Responder Call
• Get Priority Emergency Response

Free Basic Video Monitoring Service


We keep track of the motion and noise in your home, so that you will be alerted at the first sign of an event and see it on your smartphone. With one touch, you can call or share the video evidence with your local emergency responder. No more false alarms. “Video-verify” it yourself.

Video-Verified Security

Video-verified alarm
Direct emergency notification

Real home security has never been this easy

Don’t let others watch your home. With the smart features in our system, self-monitoring and reporting have never been easier.

Give the perfect security your business needs

Get security coverage on both your business and home in one account.

Your vacation house should not be your security blind spot

Let our smart technology work for you. It tells you when things happen while you’re away.

Property on the other continent? We’ve got you covered

Innovative and powerful networked systems makes the world smaller for you when it comes to security.






Vacation Home


Overseas Property

Total Protection Made Easy

Real Time Home Security
Get instant notification with recorded video of the scene when an event gets triggered in your property. Stay aware of what’s going on in your house 24/7.

Powering your Small Business
Seamlessly integrate security, video, safety and home automation under the home8 app and remotely control your business from anywhere at any time.

Vacation Home
Don’t let your vacation home be your security blind spot – monitor your property with the home8 video-verified alarm system while you’re away.

Monitoring Multiple Properties
Managing your vacation home, business, and oversea properties from one app. We make the world smaller when it comes to security.

Security alarm system

Video-Verified Security
Alarm System III

Protect your home
against intrusions.

Indoor/outdoor security alarm system

Video-Verified Indoor/Outdoor
Security Alarm System III

Fully Protect your home
inside and out.

Get more devices & accessories


HD Camera




Mini Cube
HD Camera


Garage Door
Opener Relay


Alarm Sensor

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Direct Local 1st Responder Call and Prioritized Response

After home8 detects a break-in, the owner will immediately get notified with live video. Owner can then contact officers directly in app to get prioritized response.

Direct Police Notification and Prioritized Response

Home8 detects and record crime scene for owner to get prioritized response from police

In order to get a prioritized response from local law enforcement, you can directly call the police from the Home8 App with a touch of a button. Send crime scene video clips to the police and avoid paying hefty false alarm fines.



One-Touch In-App
In-View Police Calling


One-Touch VideoGram


One-Touch Live Video
Reporting & Sharing

In-app in-view police calling
Our system automatically record 30 seconds of triggered events as videogram, which can be conveniently store and send upon needed
In-app in-view police calling Our system automatically record 30 seconds of triggered events as videogram, which can be conveniently store and send upon needed

Home8 Security vs. Traditional Home Security

Traditional Home SecurityHome8 Next Generation Home Security
Fees & ContractsMost security companies lock you into costly service contracts.Home8 leads the mobile-interactive collaborative protection technology. We offer:
– FREE basic video monitoring and protection service
– NO contracts 
Technology– Disintegrated devices and video
– Not 100% internet of things
– Integrated device, video and storage
– 100% wireless and internet of things
Installation– Timely and intrusive professional installation
– Higher equipment and installation cost
– Install a metal control panel box into your closet, wired to your fixed phone line.
– ~10 minutes non-intrusive installation
– Very affordable equipment cost
Response time– Sequential calling verification
– Slow to respond
– Low priority without verification
– Video verification
– Direct call to local 1st responder
– Verified with priority response
Peace of mind– Hard to verify
– False alarm rate up to 98%
– Uncertainty and false alarm fines
– Video-verification
– Very low false alarm rate

Home8 Security vs. Traditional Home Security

Traditional Home SecurityHome8 Next Generation Home Security
Contract & FeeOffers “a free system with free installation,” but usually comes with a 2 – 3 years service contract. Credit hostage with multi-year contract liabilities to pay.Home8’s next-gen interactive security:
– FREE basic video-integrated self-protection
– NO contract or obligation
TechnologyNarrowband monitoring centerBroadband internet with 100% wireless system.
InstallationTimely & costly
– Installation fee:  about $1000
– Professional installation required: 4-8 hours
– extra equipment for another $500
100% wireless. Download app and enjoy all our features on your phone
Zero-pairing technology lets you install in minutes!
– No installation fee
– No activation fee
– Installation < 10 minutes
Response timeVery slow for its voice calling natureUltra-fast with parallel response and high priority from VideoGram verification
False alarm False alarm rate up to 98%
 Difficult and tie consuming to verify
Near zero false alarm rate and you can verify through home8 24/7 intelligent video recording.

See What Others Say About Us

“The system is fully configurable and extremely flexible. You can easily add new sensors and cameras available on the Home8 web site.”
esanta, Amazon Top Reviewer
“This is the part that impressed me the most. There is no firewall to change, no ports to open, nothing. It just works. I had fluid video without any frozen frames, away from my home using cellular data.”
J. Pappan, Amazon Top Reviewer
“You can control everything through the phone. The app is super powerful one and well developed. It never crashed or hang on me. ”
rpv, Amazon Top Reviewer