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October 15, 2018

Home8, providers of video-verified connected devices for safety, security, and home automation, has agreed to provide Marantec America with Home8’s highly popular Video-Verified ActionView Garage Door Control Relay System as a complement to Marantec’s flagship line of garage door openers.

Home8 will supply the ActionView systems to Marantec America, a premier, Illinois-based manufacturer of access systems for both commercial and residential applications. Marantec will sell the systems as a third-party, value-added option to its extensive line of Synergy Garage Door Openers, under the Home8 brand.

Integrated Video Verification
The Home8 Video-Verified ActionView Garage Door Control Relay System provides an unprecedented level of control over garage door openers. Using a smartphone or other web-enabled device, users can remotely open or close their garage doors. This allows users to perform a variety of important functions, such as allowing access to delivery people or letting in neighbours in the event of an emergency. It also means that users can close their garage door remotely if they drove away from home and left it open.

Video verification is a particularly desirable feature. This allows users who might not remember whether or not they closed the garage door after leaving their house to visually check door status through real-time video. This feature provides a level of security and peace of mind not possible with simple text alerts.

The system, which includes a security gateway (hub), WiFi camera, and garage door opener relay, can be connected by a professional garage door installer but is easy enough for the do-it-yourselfer to handle.

Expandable Home Automation System
According to Meikel Nagel, President and CEO of Marantec America, connectivity solutions are very much in demand in the areas of garage and garage door openers. When the company investigated the various options, Home8 went to the top of the list.

“What really intrigued us about the Home8 system, besides being an established and reputable brand, is that it takes the initial need for opening and closing the garage door and brings it to a completely new level,” he explained. “From our initial feedback, the video capability has turned out to be the key selling point for homeowner; they have eyes on their garage now.

“But what makes the system even more attractive is its expandability, allowing homeowners to add various home automation devices, even devices for connected health. Rather than having to purchase another system specifically for creating a smart home, users that purchase this Home8 system will already have a foundation for smart home integration.”

New Revenue Streams For Door Dealers
Nagel added that besides bringing home automation potential to those who purchase the system, it represents new revenue streams for garage door dealers and wholesalers — the company’s primary sales channels — who can now ‘upsell’ into smart home devices and other home automation products.

According to Nagel, based on the success of this initial product rollout, Marantec may explore the possibility of selling additional Home8 products, as well as significantly increasing the number of ActionView Garage Door units the company orders.