By The Home8 Team


Did you know you can own a Home8 system without a smart hub? It’s possible with our newly released app configuration method called “Virtual Gateway.” With Virtual Gateway enabled on your smartphone, you can use select Home8 devices without the need of a physical gateway. All that is required is our Home8 app and at least one of our supported hubless devices, which includes the Twist HD Camera, Mini Cube HD Camera, Wi-Fi Camera, Mini Outdoor Full HD Camera and Garage Door Opener Relay.

An advantage by going the hubless route is affordability. You don’t need a full Home8 system to secure your home and family. Just get one of the mentioned compatible add-on devices and you’re ready to go hubless with Home8. Virtual Gateway is also useful for managing multiple locations, such as vacation homes or other properties, when you’re not there. Imagine if there was a break-in at your beach house while you’re on the other side of the country—pretty scary, huh? You have nothing to fear with Home8, Virtual Gateway provides the same features as our regular Security Shuttle would, such as recording, playback, sharing and reporting. Video verify emergencies and then call your local authorities for a prioritized response. Learn how to set up these devices below: