By The Home8 Team

Multi-location Monitoring

By now you know that Home8 systems are expandable by adding on sensors and cameras to your existing system, but what you might not know is that Home8 systems are also expandable by location. Home8 offers a Multi-location Protection Feature enabling you to easily monitor and manage multiple locations like your vacation homes, businesses and overseas properties all from the Home8 app. The only requirement is to have a Home8 system in each location and you’re set.

Achieve true peace of mind by securing your properties. For instance, you can monitor your home in the city and your beach house by the coast, while on vacation in the mountains. Business owners should also consider taking advantage of Home8’s Multi-location Protection Feature. Proud owners of retail franchises can have a Home8 security system at every store, and check in on them as often as they’d like. Each separately placed system allows you to store the phone number of the local authorities in that area, as well as separate emergency contacts and authorized users. Video verify triggered sensors from your smartphone and confirm whether you have an intruder or not. If an emergency is confirmed, report video evidence to that city’s police and receive prioritized response.

Adding a location to an account is easy. First open the Home8 app and tap on the Sidebar Menu button, and then select “Device Management”. Then tap the Add button “+” next to the device management title and select New OPU/Shuttle. Follow the App instructions to scan the QR code located on the device. Once system adding is successful, you will see a “System is ready!” notification. You can now swipe the main screen for more locations.

Home8’s Multi-location Protection Feature has countless applications that fit anyone’s lifestyle. The feature will allow you to monitor multiple places at once without actually being there; and this coverage extends globally, even if you’re on the other side of the world. No matter where you are, your properties are safe with Home8.