By The Home8 Team


Imagine that the alarm of your security system is activated, and the central station operator makes two calls to determine if the intrusion is authentic before dispatching the police; one call to the alarm site and the second to an alternative number if the first call wasn’t answered. Both calls were not answered and the police arrive on the scene only to discover that a cat triggered the motion sensor, and caused a false alarm.

These instances only worsen an already high 98% false alarm rate at central monitoring stations. This 2-call verification procedure is known as Enhanced Call Verification (EVC), and it’s a common practice among traditional home security companies. Sadly, this procedure also consumes several vital minutes of a central station operator’s time before police are actually alerted.

The next evolution of verification is cold, hard evidence of an emergency; video verification is the perfect example of this. Home8 provides the best solutions and services in video-verified alarm systems. Visually verify the situation yourself from your smartphone using the Home8 app. Once an intrusion is confirmed and saved on video, report the video evidence to the police and receive prioritized response! Save yourself the time and hassle of dealing with a central station operator, and opt for a Home8 video-verified system!