By The Home8 Team

We have recently released a whole slew of improvements to the Home8 App with v2.6.1! A few notable changes will be discussed here, but to get the full experience, visit and download our app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or on the Windows Phone Store.

More Arm/Disarm Schedules

Lets face it, even the best of us can be forgetful at times. That’s why we’re adding additional Arm/Disarm schedules with different modes of arming, for the utmost peace of mind. Schedule your Home8 Security Alarm System to arm after you leave for work everyday, so you don’t ever have to be in doubt about the status of your security system again. Likewise you may appoint a time to disarm your system when your children come home from school, and assign a time switching to Stay Mode once they’re inside. Set up a schedule that fits your lifestyle!

Arm.Disarm Schedule

To get started, select the clock icon at the top right corner on the Arm page. The prompts thereafter are highly intuitive; select which arm modes you want at the times you want, and which days you would like to repeat this schedule. Scheduled arming will follow regular arm behavior and notifications.

More Smart Plug Schedules

You’ve been heavily requesting this since its release and now we deliver: the Home8 Smart Plug now allows for multiple on/off schedules. Each plug can be set up with six schedules that turn “On” or “Off” devices attached to it. Configure your lights to turn on at night as a means of deterring potential burglars; this new scheduling feature is highly convenient during those long periods of time when you’re away from home.

Smart Plug Feature

Another great use for this new scheduling feature is attaching your air purifier to the Smart Plug. Set up the times for which you would like your air purifier to be on or off throughout the day to promote energy efficiency and electricity savings. Leave it to the Home8 Smart Plug for all of your automation needs.

Snapshot Sharing of Continuous Recording Feature

We strive to have more versatility and better “shareability” with the Home8 App. With this in mind, we’re introducing snapshot sharing of a continuous recording. Now we empower you to pause videos of continuous recordings manually, and then take a snapshot of that exact frame. This method of snapshotting is useful for capturing the best picture of an intruder in your home. Snapshot sharing will be handy to send to local authorities during a break-in if the only type of evidence accepted is a picture.

Snapshot Sharing

Thanks to You

We’re beyond thrilled about bringing this update to you. Feedback from the Home8 community has played a vital role in the enhancements and new features we have introduced. Every new improvement, no matter how big or small, is geared towards providing you a better and more convenient experience so that you may protect what matters most to you. We appreciate your constant support and valuable feedback, and will continue to work diligently to make sure Home8 is your one and only Home “Mate.”