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Joe Liu, CEO of MivaTek International Inc., that offers turn-key ultra-secure, video-integrated lines of DIY security, video, safety, home control, and smart care solutions and services that give people greater real-time awareness and peace of mind joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Joe Liu discuss the following:

  • How did you get your idea/concept for Home8?
  • What inspired you to start a business in the DIY home security market?
  • What is Home8’s competitive advantage?  OR How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?
  • To what do you attribute your success?
  • Where do you predominantly serve in relation to a specific location or region?

Joe Liu leads strategy and operations at MivaTek, a smart living and healthcare service company.

MivaTek changes the way people protect their loved ones, property, and possessions with solutions that integrate connected devices, cloud backup, and complete control from a single mobile app. The name MivaTek, shorthand for “Mobile Interactive Video Assurance Technology,” alludes to the mobile-enabled, video-integrated focus at the heart of MivaTek’s core product offerings. MivaTek products and solutions are the result of five years of R&D and have led to the company’s latest business, Home8, which launched in May 2016 and delivers home awareness and smart protection through its smart living platform.

Joe has a rich history of entrepreneurial and engineering experience. Prior to launching MivaTek, he co-founded and led Oplink Communications, Inc., an optical network manufacturer. When Koch Industries/Molex acquired Oplink Communications in 2014, Joe led a team of investors and purchased the Oplink Connected portfolio back from Koch/Molex and used this technology to power MivaTek solutions. In his career, Joe has also served in various roles at companies including Mostek Semiconductor, Motorola Semiconductor, and National Semi.

Joe holds a Masters of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from California State University, Chico.



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