Dignity, independence, and quality of life are important for everyone. It’s especially true for those that may require some living assistance, but don’t require full-time supervision or care such as the elderly or at-home medical patients.

For loved ones and caregivers, providing the right amount of care versus the right amount of freedom can prove to be a balancing act. That’s why we are proud to introduce our line of Smart Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kits that not only help protect those living inside the home, but also bring peace of mind to family, friends, and caregivers looking after them.

Our Smart Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kits offer app-enabled, non-intrusive, collaborative protection and control. All kits include a Twist HD camera that rotates 300 degrees making it easier to locate a loved one in the event of an emergency, video-integrated emergency notifications to your smartphone, and in-app direct phone dial capability to your emergency contacts or local first responders.

Our Smart Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kits include:

Elder Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kit Includes two tracking sensors that securely log daily activities and a panic button that can be worn or placed in various rooms for easy access in case of emergencies. For a product tour, watch this video.

Medication Adherence Ultra-Secure Starter Kit Includes an Automatic Medication Dispenser that holds 28 slots of medicine, creates an audible alert when it’s time to take a dose, and sends a push notification to authorized users when a dose is missed. For a product tour, watch this video.

Medication Tracking Ultra-Secure Starter Kit Helps a user track their medication intake and makes it easy for caregivers to monitor as well. The medication-tracking sensor can be attached to a pillbox or prescription bottle to log intake. For a product tour, watch this video.

  • Panic button
  • Taking medication
  • Elder Care starter kit
  • Medication Adherence Starter Kit
  • Medication Tracking Starter Kit

We hope our products do not only protect your home, your properties but also your loved ones.