Home8 care kits take Elderly Care to the next level

News source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/home8-starter-kit/

There’s a new tech solution that approaches health and wellness from a different angle — you’re not tracking your eating habits or your workout routine, but rather ensuring the safety and mobility of your older loved ones. Home8 is a new venture from MivaTek, and the company has unveiled the latest in its smart care suite of products that not only protect those older folks at home, but also give you and other caregivers peace of mind.
Thanks to the introduction of three new Smart Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kits, grandma and grandpa will be fully equipped with services like panic buttons, activity tracking, and automated medicine dispensers. “Caregivers and adult children face many challenges when caring for an elderly parent or loved one who still wants to maintain their dignity, independence, and quality of life,” said Daniel Wong, Worldwide Vice President of MivaTek. “Our Smart Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kits help make this possible with solutions that enable collaboration without being intrusive, giving caregivers peace of mind while providing the right balance of freedom their loved ones desire.”
The three kits launched today include the Elder Care Ultra-Secure Starter Kit, which comes with two tracking sensors that securely log daily activities, a Twist HD camera that rotates 300 degrees, and a panic button in case of emergencies. There’s also the Medication Adherence Ultra-Secure Starter Kit, which comes with an Automatic Medication Dispenser that holds 28 slots of medicine, creates an audible alert when it’s time to medicate, and sends a push notification to authorized users when a dose is missed. The Medication Tracking Ultra-Secure Starter Kit helps users track their medication intake with a Twist HD camera that verifies when medication has been taken.
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And because all the kits come with video-integrated notifications that can be sent in the case of an emergency, as well as in-app direct phone dial capabilities to both emergency contacts and local first responders, users can rest assured that they have access to the most important people in their lives.
Starter Kits begin at $200, and all include the Security Shuttle, which integrates and manages all security sensors and HD cameras to the Home8 mobile app for ultimate peace of mind.