Liu to Speak as Part of “IoT: Smart Home and Connected Health Applications” Session

WHO: Joe Liu, CEO of Home8, MivaTek

WHAT: Home8 CEO Joe Liu will speak at “Connections™ 2016, the Premier Connected Home Conference.” Mr. Liu will speak as part of the “IoT: Smart Home and Connected Health Applications” session and will showcase the company’s collaborative protection and control platform that provides a multi-tier, multi-location, multi-device user experience under one single mobile application to protect property, assets, and loved ones.

WHERE: Connections™ 2016 – Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport – Room: Grand Peninsula ABC

WHEN: Tuesday, May 24, 2016, 1:15PM

Additional Information on Joe Liu:

Joe Liu leads strategy and operations at MivaTek, a smart home and healthcare service company.

MivaTek changes the way people protect their loved ones, property, and possessions with solutions that integrate connected devices, cloud backup, and complete control from a single mobile app. The name MivaTek, shorthand for “Mobile Interactive Video Assurance Technology,” alludes to the mobile-enabled, video-integrated focus at the heart of MivaTek’s core product offerings. MivaTek products and solutions have led to the company’s latest business, Home8, which launched in May 2016 and delivers home awareness and smart protection through its smart living platform.

Prior to launching MivaTek in 2015, Liu co-founded and led California-based Oplink Communications, Inc., an optical network company. When Koch Industries/Molex acquired Oplink Communications in 2014, Liu led a team of investors and purchased the Oplink Connected portfolio back from Koch/Molex and used this technology to power MivaTek solutions.

Liu’s background includes engineering and serial entrepreneurship. After earning his Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering at California State University, Chico, he worked for companies including Mostek Semiconductor, Motorola Semiconductor, and National Semi.

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Home8 delivers security, safety, and peace of mind through its collaborative protection and control system. Home8 solutions include sensor-initiated video recording, cloud and local storage options, notifications to customized tiers of recipients, and can be used in multiple locations all accessible under one single mobile app. For Home8’s comprehensive and affordable alarm, awareness, and assurance solutions and services, please visit


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