Video-Verified Collaborative Alarm Systems

• Supervisory video access and TripleShield privacy control
• Event video, direct notification and prioritized response
• Plug-N-Play, cognitive and scalable system
• Utmost peace of mind

home8 integrates security, safety, video, care and control into one interactive app

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Alarm Systems

• Supervisory video access
• Video TripleShield privacy control
• Event recording
• Direct notification
• Prioritized response
• Plug-N-Play
• Cognitive & scalable






You Watch • You Know • You Report

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Video Verification

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Prioritized Response

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Direct emergency

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Unlimited known users collaboration vs. unknown call-center-operator

Utmost Peace of Mind

Home8 integrates video-verified Home Security, Safety, Automation/Control and Surveillance applications into one user-friendly app paired with our state-of-the-art sensors and devices. With our video verification technology, there is no need for the call-center-operator and lengthy verification process. Saving you precious time & money, it enables you to receive priority responses from local authorities when you need it the most.

Direct Emergency Notification

VideoGram reporting icon

VideoGram Event Recording

When an event is triggered, our system automatically records a 30-sec VideoGram and sends notifications to your phone. Verify the event and send the recording to the authorities for a faster emergency response.

In-view police calling icon

In-View Police Reporting

Every second counts. You can call the police directly via the Home8 in-app in-view controls.

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Live Video Collaboration

With the live sharing ability, you can easily record and immediately send a video clip to any law enforcement agency, family member, or caregiver.

home8 app has interactive interface designed to help users contact authority the fastest way possible

Prioritized Response

how home8 security alarms work

Direct Emergency Notification

VideoGram Reporting

In triggered events, system automatically records a 30-sec videoGram and sends a notification to your phone. Simply go to VideoGram, verify, and one-touch send to authority for priority response.

In-View Police Calling

Every second counts, you can call the police directly with the home8 in-app in-view control.

Live Video Recording/Sharing

With the one-touch sharing button, you can easily and quickly record and send the video clip to any law enforcement agency, family member, and caregiver.

home8 app has interactive interface designed to help users contact authority the fastest way possible

Direct Emergency Notification


Event Recording
Direct Notification
Prioritized Response

Video-verified alarm to multiple users for direct police report from the App

Installs in Minutes

Patented plug-n-play zero-pairing lets you set up system in minutes and add more devices in seconds.

No Contracts
On-demand Service

Free sensor-based alarm service and on-demand video service with unlimited event video recording, archiving, reporting, and sharing service

Easily Scalable and Expandable System

The Home8 video-verified system is device, users, locations and functional scalable, as well as expandable to cover security, safety, monitoring/alarm, automation, and energy control.

One App System

Our App gives you complete access to security, safety, monitoring/alarm, automation, and energy control on the go.

Ultra-Secure Video Privacy

Ultra-secure video privacy from patented double router-firewalls architecture and an anti-sniffing software

10 Collaborative-Protectors
with Supervisory Control

5 video users, 5 emergency contacts, and local first responders direct dialing service

Multiple Property Protection
under One Account

Home8 supports multiple location protection service under one mobile account



2016 security & fire excellence award


Security & Fire
Excellence awards

2015 IoT Evolution Award

“The Recipients represent leaders in the rapidly evolving IoT industry.”

2015 IoT Evolution Connected Home and Building Award, presented by IoT Evolution magazine.

2016 Top of ID Design

Top of ID Design

Presented to Mivatek,
the intelligent hub shuttle

2016 Best 10 Award

2016 BEST 10

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